Lattimore Physical Therapist Matt Landon

Matt landon

Matthew Landon graduated from Nazareth College in 2007 with a Master’s in Physical Therapy. He received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Upstate Medical University in 2010. While at UMU, Matt completed his dissertation on the treatment of chronic low back pain using the MSI (movement system impairment) classification system. Matt continues to further his expertise and education efforts in the area of spinal manipulation and treatment of cervicogenic headaches, neck pain and back disorders. He utilizes an evidence based approach in his treatment selection, in order to provide the most current and effective therapies. Matt joined the Lattimore family in 2007. He became a co-owner of the Lattimore Physical Therapy network in 2015 and is currently the clinical director at Lattimore at the Iceplex. He is active in the local community and enjoys providing educational talks to its residents. Matt enjoys running, soccer, fishing, and spending time with his sons.

I truly enjoy taking the time to get to know each patient individually and understand their unique needs and limitations. I believe this is essential in developing the best plan of care that will ultimately allow them to reach their goals.
— matt landon